Donation Guidelines

All of the clothes in our store come from generous donations from people all through out the Lehigh Valley. In order to keep the store running and the racks stocked, we're always accepting donations of new and gently used clothing. We will accept donations any time the store is open. 

However, since we have limited space and want to provide our customers with the very best clothes, we have a few guidelines for what we will and won't accept. Since we don't have the ability to wash the clothes before they go out on the racks, we ask that you please wash your clothes before dropping them off with us, and that they are free of lint, pet hair, and smoke odor. 


We Will Accept

  • all sizes of women's clothing (00-3x)
  • items currently in style
  • gently used handbags
  • lightly worn shoes
  • seasonally appropriate clothing 
  • modern jewelry

We Won't Accept

  • under garments
  • athletic wear
  • pajamas
  • anything with rips, stains, or broken zippers
  • swimwear
  • men's clothes
  • children's clothes
  • very dated clothing (ex. please nothing with shoulder pads from the 80s)


Currently, we're not in need of any more business attire (suits, dress pants). If you have a donation of business clothes, please consider bringing them to My Sister's Closet in Bethlehem. We also ask that all donations coincide with the season we're in (ex. no winter donations during the summer and spring). We don't have much space for storage, so everything we get needs to be able to be tagged and hung on the racks right away. 

Thank you so much for donations and continued support!